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Historic Development


2000---Present   Tianshui Normal University.

In May 2018, being authorized to confer Master’s Degree by theMinistry of Education.      

In 2015, being selected into the first batch of pilot universities aiming towards the universities of applied sciences by Gansu Provincial Government.

In 2013, Starting the program of professional Master of Education.

In October 2011, being listed one of the pilot institutions for the programs of professional Master of Education by MOE , P.R. China.


19922000  Tianshui Teachers College

In May 1995, Tianshui Industrial School being merged into Tianshui Teachers College.

In August 1994, moved to a new campus.

In September 1992, being renamed Tianshui Teachers College.


19791992  Tianshui Junior Teachers College

In March 1984, present campus being located.

In February 1982, start the building of a new campus.

In January 1979, being ratified by MOE, Tianshui Junior Teachers’ College was founded.


19711979 Junior Teachers College under Tianshui Jurisdiction

In March 1978, the first batch of diploma students was recruited.

In 1977, the resumption of diploma students recruitment.

In November 1971, Junior Teachers’ College under Tianshui Jurisdiction was founded.      


19691971  HongZhuan School under Tianshui Prefecture

In March 1969, HongZhuan School under Tianshui Prefecture was founded.


19661969  Tianshui Work-Study Junior Teachers College

In June 1966, renamed Tianshui Work-Study Junior Teachers’ College.


19631966  Tianshui Teachers Training College

In September 1963, being transformed into Tianshui Teachers’ Training College, and relocated to No. 45, Changkai Road, Qincheng District.


19591963  Tianshui Junior Teachers College

In April 1959, Tianshui Junior Teachers’ College was first established, and the campus was in Yuquan Temple of Tianshui City. On September 1, class began with the first batch of 28 students (anniversary of the founding of the university).

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Weixin, Tianshui Normal University
Weixin, Tianshui Normal University