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Schools & Programmes

School of Electric Information and Electrical Engineering

· Physics

· Electric Information Engineering

· Electrical Engineering and Automation

· Computer Science and Technology

· Network Engineering Communication Engineering

School of Mathematics and Statistics

· Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

· Statistics

School of Bioengineering and Technology

· Biological Science

· Biotechnology

· Food Quality and Safety

School of Chemical Engineering and Technology

· Chemistry

· Chemical Engineering and Technology

· Applied Chemistry

· Cultural Heritage and Museology

School of Resources and Environmental Engineering

· Geographical Science

· Surveying andMappingEngineering

School of Electromechanics and Automobile Engineering

· Mechanical Design

· Manufacturing and Automation

· Material Molding and Control Engineering

· Automobile Service Engineering

· Mechatronic Engineering

School of Civil Engineering

· Civil Engineering Engineering Management

· Construction Costs

School of Business

· Accounting

· Hospitality Management

· Marketing

· Financial Management

· Science of Law

School of Literature and Culture Communication

· Chinese Language and Literature  

· Film and Television Literature

· Culture Industry Management

· Network and New Media

School of Teacher Education

· Elementary Education

· Preschool Education

· Applied Psychology

School ofMarxism

· Ideological and Political Education  

School of Foreign Languages

· English Language and Literature

· English Translation

· Business English

School of Sports and Health

· Physical Education

· Social Sports Guidance and Management

· Athletic Training

School of Fine Arts and Art Design

· Fine Arts

· Painting

· Visual Communication Design

· Environmental Art Design

· Arts and Crafts

School of Music and Dance

· Musicology

· Music Performance

· Dancology

School of Historic Culture

· History Studies

School of Vocational Training

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Weixin, Tianshui Normal University
Weixin, Tianshui Normal University