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Introduction to Tianshui Normal University


Founded in 1959 and a university since 2000, Tianshui Normal University is known for its excellent teaching quality, research potentials and its strong links to local agriculture, industry and education. This was confirmed by the National-wide University Evaluation Program initiated by Ministry of Education, P. R. China in 2007. In 2011, the university was listed one of the pilot institutions for the programs of professional Master of Education by the Ministry of Education, P. R. China, and started recruiting students of professional Master of Educationin 2013. It was selected into the first batch of pilot universities aiming towards the universities of applied sciences by Gansu Provincial Government in 2015. In 2018, the university was authorized to confer Master’s Degree by the Ministry of Education. This university offers 57 undergraduate and postgraduate programs in arts, science, education, history, law, engineering, economy, and management for Chinese and oversea students, and also provides Continuing Professional Development Programs for local teachers of basic education and engineering technicians of industry and agriculture.


Campus and Location

Tianshui Normal University has 370, 000 square meters floor area and 110 acres of land in total. It is situated in Tianshui,a famous city for its long history and rich culture, and one of the most welcoming cities in the southeast Gansu Province. Being one of the places where the Chinese national civilization started, Tianshui is also the birthplace of Fuxi and Nüwa who were the ancestors of Chinese nation.


People and Facilities

Tianshui Normal University enrolls students from 27 provinces (municipalitiesor regions ), with a population of 16513 students, among whom 15029 are undergraduates, 365 professional Master of Education students, 1167 students for further education, 4 oversea students and 96 preparatory undergraduates. It has 943 staff including 105 professors, 281 associate professors, over 540 doctor’s or master’s degree academic staff, 1 Ph.D supervisor, 82 master supervisors, 8 yearly-contracted foreign teaching staff and 10 professors of national-wide prestige. The university library has a collection of over 2, 260, 000 books, 32 kinds of database. The teaching and research facilities of the university amounts to ¥150,000,000 and its fixed assets totals ¥ 847, 000, 000 in price. An up-to-date network service system has been built to undertake the functions of distance learning, comprehensive academic management, campus computer network, campus communication, and cable television network.


Teaching and Research

The university consists of 17 schools, 64 departments, 18 research centers, with 57 undergraduate and postgraduate programs (2 national-level feature education programs, 11on provincial level), covering a wide range of disciplines such as teacher education, engineering and technology, business management, culture, sports and arts etc. It has 2 first-class provincial cultivation disciplines: history and ecology, 2 provincial key construction disciplines: history of particular subjects and literary theory. Microbiology is the provincial key cultivation discipline. It has 1 national-level teaching team of Huang Da-nian Style, 5 provincial-level teaching teams, 22 provincial-level high-quality curriculum and 2 provincial-level shared courses of quality resources.


In recent years, over 1500 academic research projects including 105 national projects and 249 provincial projects have been completed. TSNU has won a total of over 500 scientific research awards, 91 of which areat the provincial or ministerial level. More than 9,000 pieces of academic papers have been published on domestic and foreign academic journals, including 500 on SCI or EI source journals, and over 450 pieces on CSSCI source journals. Over 650 monographs and textbooks have been published. Journal of Tianshui Normal University has been awarded the title of “High-quality Social Science Journal of China” many times, and one of its feature columns “Studies on the Cultures of Eastern and Southern Gansu Province”, has repeatedly won the title of “National-level Column of Social Science Journal of China” .


Cooperation and Exchanges

Tianshui Normal University has established academic cooperation with universities or scientific institutions from Britain, America, France, German, Australia,Ukraine and other countries around the world. Over the past five years (from 2014 to 2018), 200 guests from foreign countries have visited TSNU; a total of 120 teaching staff have gone overseas on business, academic conferences or Cooperative scientific research; A number of undergraduates and postgraduates have been sent to study abroad even for a degree; More than 40 oversea students have been enrolled by TSNU.


With 60 years’of development, the university has made much progress in students training, scientific research, serving local communities, cultural inheritance and innovation, and has been highly praised and rewarded by both Ministry of Education and Gansu Provincial government. Based on what has been achieved so far, the university aims to upgrade itself into a high-level university of applied sciences with strong features of teacher education, striving to make great contributions to the socio-economic development of local and nearby regions.

Address: South Xihe Road, Qinzhou District, Tianshui,741000,Gansu Province, P.R.China
Tel: +86 (0)938-8369946
E-mail: international@tsnu.edu.cn
Website: www.tsnu.edu.cn

Weixin, Tianshui Normal University
Weixin, Tianshui Normal University